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Roger's Truck's, just some pictures for the truck fan and model builder.
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Roger is from Mandurah in Western Australia.


Road Tractor (Prime Mover in Australia) with 3-axle tipper, towing a 3-axle tipping Dog-Trailer.


The 24 ft tipper trailer from Roger's fleet wasthe trailer, Aschi based his tipper models on.


Top right, Right and left:Twin steer MAK with day cab.

 r50005ww Loading a complete road tractor, semi-trailer and a 5-axle trailer, basically a road-train on top of a other roadtrain is common praxis in Australias Outback. This way there are 2 drivers and it saves a lot of fuel and tyres.  r60006ww

Would be this a nice model in wood? Perhaps Aschi's Workshop makes a plan for.... one day....



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