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Plan #231 is the latest plan from Aschi's Workshop.  It is an extender plan for the Tow Truck #230. 231_1w.jpg - 129.89 kb 231_2w.jpg - 121.85 kb 231_5w.jpg - 120.37 kb
231_4w.jpg - 119.4 kb 231_3w.jpg - 105.88 kb

Build your own fleet of exiting trucks from a bygone era with plans from Aschi's Workshop.

Right: the cover of the Plan #231

231_6.jpg - 61.8 kb
Aschi's Workshop has a new Plan, Code 256. Tuff Truck Series Scale 1:20. American Custom Truck/Tructor with working Lift Axle. 253_1.jpg - 181.14 kb 256_3.jpg - 79.17 kb 256_2.jpg - 196.42 kb
256_4.jpg - 192.64 kb 256_6.jpg - 154.49 kb

All Trailers from the Tuff Truck Series hitch on. there are just 2 excemples.

Aschi's Workshop has it !

256_5.jpg - 150.59 kb
256_7.jpg - 323.66 kb A leaver under the chassis holds the Lift Axle up.Turn the Leaver and the Lift Axle comes down. Winch, chain, Work light and the cabin protector shield make the truck model different. 256_8.jpg - 157.89 kb 256_9.jpg - 149.71 kb

Mix and Match, so easy to build your own Road Train with models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. All fits together. 

Aschi's Workshop 


Aschi_046.jpg - 141.06 kb Aschi_013.jpg - 135.39 kb Aschi_002.jpg - 92.4 kb
Aschi_049.jpg - 110.05 kb Aschi_033.jpg - 128.65 kb All of this models are in scale 1:27. The flatbed trailers are plan #285. The Reefer build up is the extension plan $286 and the tractors  from plans #171, 280 and 284. Plans from Aschi's Workshop Aschi_032.jpg - 139.97 kb
The New plan #286 from Aschi's Workshop is a EXTENDER plan for the REEFER. You need the plan #285 for the flatbed trailer. The triler hook up to most of the 1:27 scale Road Tractors from Aschi. More info on the web-page.  286ReeferPlan-1cc.jpg - 97.43 kb IMG_0003ccc.jpg - 304.77 kb IMG_0018ccc.jpg - 166.45 kb
IMG_0020ccc.jpg - 129.89 kb IMG_0025ccc.jpg - 148.2 kb IMG_0027ccc.jpg - 201.18 kb IMG_0036ccc.jpg - 161.31 kb
500webbuttonx3.jpg - 169.94 kb


MINI Series

The ideal small toy for all.

New to woodworking and toy making? Don't have time to build up a detailed model? You are going to love the new MINI Series Plans by Aschi's Workshop. They may be small but they have it all.... the variety, simplicity and fun!

Forget fancy tools and woodworking equipment, use a tenon-saw, a fret-saw, a rip-saw....a hack-saw!  If it can cut wood into blocks, you have a tool to make the MINI Series.


Aschi's Workshop has created a new Plan for trailers. Plan #285 gives endless possibilities and makes real model Road Trains possible.

Aschi's Workshop

285_cover.jpg - 68.01 kb 285_2_0350.jpg - 119.34 kb 285_2_003.jpg - 118.19 kb
285_2_016.jpg - 132.2 kb 285_2_015.jpg - 140.57 kb 285_2_008.jpg - 144.5 kb US- Double and Australian B-Double Trailers with converter dolly all in one plan. Also a Stake Trailer version for the B-Double.   Scale 1:27. Hooks up to most of Aschi's Road Tractors/ Prime Movers.
285_0003p910_2.jpg - 151.5 kb 285_0007_2.jpg - 117.18 kb 285_2_026.jpg - 128.72 kb 2851_006.jpg - 143.84 kb
Aschi's New Plan:  Code 284: Scale Model Series 1:27 Australian Road Train Prime Mover.

The real McCoy in Australian trucking.
Build this authentic model of an bonneted Road Train Prime Mover /Road Tractor with high rise sleeper, long range tank and bulbar. 

284_4mc.jpg - 96.99 kb 284_6mc.jpg - 63.52 kb 284_2mc.jpg - 96.57 kb
284_1mc.jpg - 178.19 kb 284_3mc.jpg - 73.48 kb

 This model has it all: detailed radiator, gearbox, tail shaft, single seat, even a steering wheel on the right side.
The model is 12 ½” (31.5 cm) long.
Match them to a trailer easily 
All Scale Model Series (scale 1:27) trailers hitch right up.   Aschi's Workshop

284_5mc.jpg - 169.27 kb

Code 281: Scale Model Series Conversion VALUE PLAN! 
Convert the standard Road Tractor (Plan #280) into three different RIGID Trucks.
These fantastic scale models include a Side Wall Truck, Box Truck and Flatbed Truck. 
So easy to build your own fleet, being Aschi’s Plans, you know it all works! 

281_p1a_0006x.jpg - 161.25 kb 281_p1b_0008x.jpg - 115.55 kb 281_p1c_0005x.jpg - 124.95 kb
281_TRUCKVALUE.jpg - 72.25 kb

Yes you need to buy the Tractor plan #280 separately but with this extra plan you will be able to build 3 Rigid Trucks in total. Build the whole fleet and hook the matching trailers up (Plans to purchase separately) 
Scale is 1:27

281_p3_0016pp.jpg - 102.29 kb 281_p4_0018pp.jpg - 107.37 kb

#280, a new Plan from Aschi's Workshop.  3 trucks in one plan. Scale 1:27  Hooks up to most of the 1:27 Scale Model Trailer.

280_p1pix3_015fb.jpg - 88.77 kb 280_p1pix5_027fb.jpg - 91.33 kb 280_p1pix6_001fb.jpg - 91.09 kb
280_3bonnetedRoadTractorsfb.jpg - 57.37 kb 2804_005FB.jpg - 107.68 kb 280014fb.jpg - 95.89 kb 280031fb.jpg - 95.04 kb
280pp004.jpg - 118.3 kb 280pp017.jpg - 94.13 kb 280pp025.jpg - 97.29 kb 280pp008.jpg - 106.53 kb
280pp020.jpg - 95 kb 280pp021.jpg - 98.1 kb 280pp4_002.jpg - 103.65 kb 280pp001.jpg - 86.03 kb
Aschi's Workshop has a new plan to convert the Flatbed Truck and Trailer (Plan #207) to 3 different versions. 307_1n.jpg - 102.21 kb 307_2-2.jpg - 122.2 kb 307_3.jpg - 106.65 kb
Beginning with Truck and Trailer from Aschi's Workshop Plan #207, wich is an impresive model with 3ft (92cm) lengt. 207cover.jpg - 68.81 kb

The Plan #307 is a conversion to #207 and makes 3 different Trucks and Trailers. All easy to build on the base of the Flatbed Truck and Trailer.   Aschi's Workshop has it !!

307_p1.jpg - 58.21 kb307_p6.jpg - 56.47 kb307_p8.jpg - 51.45 kb
511Con2.jpg - 69.87 kbCover of Plan #511 Aschi's Workshop has extended the range of the MINI Series with Plan #511.  Build from one plan a Terminal Tractor, 3 different Container Trailers and 20ft and 40ft Containers in different versions. 511con4.jpg - 58.45 kb 511con7.jpg - 50.56 kb
All Container trailers hook up to other MINI Series Tracktors/ Prime Movers. Build a B-Double or Road Train. The Container lid can be opened. Many variatione possibe. All from one BIG PLAN. 511con5.jpg - 51.86 kb 511con6.jpg - 32.05 kb 511con8.jpg - 44.4 kb
511Con9.jpg - 62.73 kbLots of templates. 511Con3.jpg - 43.84 kb Fullsize templates and many assembly drawings makes it easy to build this toys. Make it to an Playset with accessories from Aschi's Workshop Plans. Free TREE Plan from Aschi511con10.jpg - 67.87 kb
osh1400p_011.jpg - 183.6 kb Aschi's Workshop Plan #206, TUFF-Truck Series, together with Conversion Plan #255 makes it possibble to create an array of heavy  tractor-trailer combinationen. The Off-Highway Tractor is a bit higher as standard Road-Tractors. Therefor should be only trailes hooked up to with pivoting bogies.

The Photos below show some of the Tractor-Trailer combinations made from Aschi's Workshop Plans.

When the going gets TUFF, The TUFF gets going. 

Aschi's Workshop has it.

osh18_005.jpg - 283.64 kb osh18_009.jpg - 387.2 kb osh18_001.jpg - 203.08 kb osh18_018.jpg - 336.77 kb

Aschi's Workshop has created a new plan. It as a conversion plan for the Heavy Dump Truck #206. 

Plan #255, 4 conversions in one plan!   For only US $ 9.

255Conversioncover.jpg - 108.26 kb This Plan #255 is Scale 1:20, Tuff Truck Series. you need Plan #206 to build the basic Truck. This Plan (#255) is only for the conversion  of 4 different trucks.  Build all 4 Trucks: Heavy Duty Flatbed Truck, Heavy Duty Tractor, Heavy Tipper Truck, Water Carrier.   Build the whole fleet of exiting Heavy Duty Trucks for work in rough terrain.
255_w18-cover.jpg - 167.68 kb 255_w9-cover.jpg - 116.23 kb 255_w15-cover.jpg - 146.14 kb 255_w14-cover.jpg - 151.42 kb

Aschi’s Workshop has created two new and exciting plans. Definitely different. First, a lowboy for Off-Highway use, based on the real trailer sold as surplus stock from the Army. Modified to the needs for logging companies or builders away from the highway. Build as Semi-Trailer with independent 4 wheel bogies and Loading ramp to hook up to converted Dump Truck Plan 206 "Tuff Truck" Plans.

306pagexx1_0007ww.jpg - 119.29 kb

This plan is great value, building a Trailer which is very different style to others. The Road Tractor (converted from Plan #206. Plan #206 is not included) and Low Boy Trailer just over 3ft long. The trailer on his own is 25" (64cm) long. 
Please note: Plan is for Trailer only - truck plan sold separately.

306page3_0003new.jpg - 108.72 kb
inter_0003www.jpg - 126.2 kb

The best tow vehicle is a Heavy Duty Truck, converted with turntable and big winch. Aschi’s Workshop makes the conversion plan #306 as Bonus plan FREE available with the purchase of the this trailer and all trailers to come for this tractor.


inter_0018www.jpg - 147.57 kb


The BONUS-PLAN Code 306 shows the conversion from Dump Truck to Off-Highway Road Tractor with Winch mounted on the back. The external Air-cleaner is a further addition.  Aschi's

Code 522: B-Double MINI Series.
Authentic Toy-Model of 3 different Australian B-Double Road Trains. 
This complete Play Set of 3 different Trucks, 3 different A-Trailers and 3 different B-Trailers…. all in one plan. .

522st01.jpg - 105.64 kb 522p7_0023w.jpg - 73.95 kb 522p10_ww.jpg - 56.98 kb
522Template-1.jpg - 65.3 kb522temp2.jpg - 54.84 kb522temp3.jpg - 57.24 kb522temp4.jpg - 59.86 kb 522p9openlid.jpg - 62.94 kb 3 different  B-Double from just one Plan...only by Aschi's Workshop. This is the base building live-like toys of Australian-Road Trains.   
      522fsallz.jpg - 152.99 kb
Code 253: Long Load Log Trailer as Semi Trailer.     Plan for Trailers only.
Build as Semi-Trailer with Jeep-Dolly and 3-Axle Dog-Trailer - suits the "Tuff Truck" Plans.
253page1lay_0023x.jpg - 95.53 kb 253promo_0003.jpg - 109.58 kb 253s_0024x.jpg - 214.31 kb
253s_0021xx.jpg - 209.57 kb Check out Aschi's Workshop Web-page. This plan is only $9 US and get e-mailed to you as PDF.

Road Tractor (Plan #209 not included) and Jeep-Dolly and 3-axle Dog-Trailer well over 3ft long. The trailers on his own are 28” (71cm) long.
253LongLoadLogTrailer-1.jpg - 68.21 kb
Code 512: Iron Ore Road-Train MINI Series. A new Play Set from Aschi's Workshop. Bases on the real thing, this toy is shurly the biggest little Road-Train. 512_IRON-ORE-2.jpg - 122.18 kb 512IronOreRoadTrain-2.jpg - 93.6 kb 512_IRON-ORE-t3.jpg - 66.24 kb
IMG0007xxxx2.jpg - 175.65 kb

Code 510: Sand Mining MINI Series. This is a complete Play Set of Trucks, Trailers and Loader. 

See more details at the Web-Page: 

500p2x16.jpg - 57.66 kb 510allinoneplan1.jpg - 47.49 kb
516Allonepl11.jpg - 57.71 kb 516pagex1.jpg - 126.82 kb

Code 516:  Livestock Road Train MINI Series. a complete Play Set of Truck, semi- and Dod-Trailers.

Detailed drawings, sizes.... se more at:

5162x002.jpg - 85.94 kb
New Plan #246 from Aschi's Workshop. 38ft Hopper Grain Trailer. Tuff Truck Series, scale 1:20 Below 2 pages from Aschi's plan to show how easy it is to build from. 246_72_13okd.jpg - 151.43 kb Buid a Tuff Truck model of this 38 foot Grain Trailer as Semi-Trailer.  23 inches (58cm) long. the plan has many details and full size patterns where needed. Easy to build like all from Aschi's Workshop Plans. 246_72_3ok.jpg - 150.4 kb
246HopperGrainTrailer-1.jpg - 58.05 kbFront Page from Plan #246 246HopperTrailer-6.jpg - 61.74 kbThis Page shows the details.   246_72_19ok.jpg - 127.81 kb As Prime Mover / Road tractor can be the #250 (pictures above) or any of the 3 trucks from #209 used. A wery impressive model from Aschi's Workshop
252_Newsst.jpg - 119.37 kb 252_8-WheelerStakeTruck.jpg - 61.27 kb 251_3Newsst.jpg - 78.22 kb 251_40ftStakeTrailer.jpg - 53.89 kb

Code 252: 8-Wheeler Stake Truck. This is a Extender plan for the Day Cab Tructor Plan #250. Tuff Truck Series. Scale 1:20. You need the Plan 250 as well to create this super model. See more on Aschi's Workshop Page.

252_2Newsst.jpg - 60.83 kb Code 251:  40ft Stake Trailer.  Is a matching trailer for the 8-Wheel Stake Truck, Truck and trailer together are 4'3"  (1.3 meter) long. The trailer also can be used on any of the Tuff Truck Road Tractors like the Plan #209 or #250.  See more at Aschi's Workshop Page. 251_4Newsst.jpg - 83.95 kb
Code 260: Junior Series.  Diesel Loco, 2 different wagons and a Caboose. Reflecting today's logging trains. Build all from one plan! This Train goes in scale and style with all other Junior Series Trains. Only from Aschi's Workshop 260p172.jpg - 181.29 kb 260coverplan.jpg - 735.04 kb 260p51772.jpg - 83.5 kb
260p22072.jpg - 107.85 kb 260p61472.jpg - 88.39 kb 260p8272.jpg - 99.57 kb 260cp103272.jpg - 101.24 kb

Code 234: Tuff Truck Tow Truck Expander Plan. Scale 1:20

Bought the Tuff Tow Truck Plan yet? You are going to want this one!
Build three Semi Trailers for the truck and a trailer to create totally new vehicles. Grab plan 230 and build a Road Tractor, then expand it with this plan to make a Flat-Bed or Side-Board-Trailer, a Steel-Body-Trailer ore a Stake-Trailer with movable Back-Gate. 

234_Tuff.jpg - 111.79 kb

 With the included Dolly plan convert all three semi-trailers to Dog-Trailer and build your own Road –Train.

You must already have the plan #230 (just below) so you can build the truck front and chassis. This super expansion plan is brilliant value at 9 bucks!

Aschi's Workshop has it!!

234-9.jpg - 54.28 kb
234_104.jpg - 91.46 kb 23430s3SemiTrailers-8.jpg - 36.73 kb 234_115.jpg - 108.31 kb 234_133.jpg - 75.94 kb
250daycabf2.jpg - 96.19 kb

Super Model in Scale 1:20

Day Cab Road Tractor as Single and Bogie Drive.

All in one Plan #250 from Aschi's Workshop

Pictures below show the 2 versions of Day Cab Trucks with trailers from the Aschi's Tuff Truck series.

Easy to build, no special tools needed... check out the plans from Aschi's Workshop. All plans are PDF format, We deliver in less than 72hours. No postage!!

250daycabf1.jpg - 133.24 kb
250daycabf3.jpg - 83.65 kb 250daycabf5.jpg - 70.38 kb 250daycabf6.jpg - 87.09 kb 250daycabf7.jpg - 81.53 kb

Series Code: 243
Scale Model  1:27                                    Grain Trailer Plan, two in one! 
40 foot Grain Trailer as Semi-Trailer and Open End Bulk Trailer as Semi and Dog Trailer. Plan includes both versions of Trailers and the Plan for the dolly. 
All Plans from Aschi's Workshop. 


243_079a.jpg - 61.93 kb 243_082a.jpg - 71.51 kb 243_095a.jpg - 53.77 kb

Grain Trailer is a giant 17 ½” (45cm) long. The complete assembly of the Open End Bulk Trailers including the road tractor (purchased separately) is 30" (76cm) long. 
PLEASE READ THIS! This great value plan gives you the instructions to build the trailers only, you need a road tractor plan to build the complete assembly.
Hook up to all Scale 1:27 Road Tractors.

243_100a.jpg - 55.13 kb 243_087a.jpg - 62.56 kb 243_093a.jpg - 75.55 kb

Series Code: 244 
Scale Model Scale 1:27

Trailers only, you need a road tractor to build the complete assembly.
30 foot Hay Trailer as semi and dog Trailer. Plan includes both versions of Trailers and the dolly.    Plans from Aschi's Workshop

244p1ok.jpg - 62.41 kb 244cov.jpg - 67.31 kb 244page4_top0207.jpg - 46.07 kb


Each trailer is 13” (33cm) long. The complete assembly including the road tractor is 33” (84cm) long. 
Trailers hook up to Scale 1:27 Single Diff Road Tractor #136      Plans from Aschi's Workshop

p14_0030.jpg - 70.77 kb Dolly.jpg - 31.93 kb 136cov.jpg - 59.7 kb
Row-Crop or 4WD, single or dual wheels... Aschi's NEW PLAN #241 has it all. Scale 1:27 is the size for this heavy tractor.  241_955.jpg - 107.09 kb 241Tractor-1.jpg - 59.25 kb241Tractor-6.jpg - 55.12 kb 241_63p3.jpg - 112.43 kb
241p2.jpg - 593.05 kb

Aschi's Workshop Plan #241 is the plan for two tractors, which can be build in different variations.

only $10

only at


*Jouets en Bois

*Wooden Toys

*Holz Spielzeug

*Houten Speelgoed

241_973.jpg - 86.68 kb
241_975.jpg - 100.58 kb 241_969.jpg - 101.12 kb 241971p8.jpg - 90.27 kb 241_960.jpg - 127.31 kb
Aschi's Workshop has created a new series of Truck models. The Tow Truck Plan #230 is also the base plan for the 3 Truck Plan #232.  mack800a.jpg - 99.62 kb 230port.jpg - 49.7 kb232port.jpg - 50.6 kb mack799a.jpg - 120.09 kb
ft30929.jpg - 112.94 kb

2 Plans, #230 + #232 in one special offer.

 only $15

only at






Plan #232 from Aschi's Workshop has 3 different Truck bodies still using the same front assembly- all fittimg to the front cabin of the Tow Truck. So easy, so versatile, so many possibilities. Check out Aschi's Web-Page.
pp30924xx.jpg - 109.54 kb pp30935.jpg - 116.76 kb pp30931.jpg - 112.71 kb stnew941x.jpg - 119.45 kb