Toy Maker Gerry Hannigan

Toy Maker Gerry Hannigan.
Gerry Hannigan from Calgary / Canada has buit the models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. GH_Peter24.jpg - 102.28 kb GH_Peter31.jpg - 99.74 kb GH_Peter35.jpg - 103.24 kb GH_Peter42.jpg - 112.26 kb
GH_Peter47.jpg - 123.77 kb GH_Peter53.jpg - 120.8 kb GH_Peter57.jpg - 120.73 kb

Photos by Deyna Hannigan

Plans #280 + #281 from Aschi's Workshop

GH_Peter16.jpg - 89.77 kb
aPeter01.jpg - 92.25 kb aPeter08.jpg - 92.36 kb Gerry Hannigan has built the truck and trailer from plan #207 and the extender plan #307. Photos by Deyna Hannigan.  Plans from Aschi's Workshop aPeter12.jpg - 98.13 kb aPeter18.jpg - 107.24 kb
Gerry Hannigan is again the first one to build the new model from Aschi's Workshop Plan. .... and some alterations from his own design... geha3.jpg - 98.53 kb 255Conversioncover.jpg - 108.26 kb geha1.jpg - 83.48 kb geha2.jpg - 88.7 kb
gerryH3.jpg - 92.27 kb

Models built by Gerry Hannigan / Calgary, Canada.

Photos by Deyna Hannigan

Plans by Aschi's Workshop

gerryH2.jpg - 63.24 kb Gerry: Lots of fun building this one. Also working on a similar tractor with a sleeper on it will let you know how it turns out.  More to come for this truck from Aschi's Workshop... gerryH1.jpg - 85.79 kb
Gerry Hannigan / Calgary, Canada. 3 photos from the MINI Series and 3 from the 1:27 Scale seies. AGH01.jpg - 84.78 kb AGH02.jpg - 75.49 kb AGH03.jpg - 937.98 kb AGH04.jpg - 90.09 kb
AGH05.jpg - 109.21 kb Gerry has used the Aschi's Workshop  Road Tractor #136 and designed his own Logging Trailer. All Photos by Deyna Hannigan. AGH06.jpg - 162.25 kb AGH07.jpg - 88.17 kb AGH08.jpg - 217.74 kb
Gerry Hannigan from Calgary/ Canada is building models of all sizes from Aschi's Workshop Plans. 16GH105.jpg - 80.44 kb The 1:20 Scale series from Aschi's Workshop has the most exciting models, like this big Logging Rig. 16GH102.jpg - 102.4 kb The MINI Series is something different. The models only 1 3/4"  (44mm) wide.
16GH101.jpg - 96.78 kb Photos taken by Deyna Hannigan...excellent like always... Aschi's Workshop Farm Series 1:27 Scale is an alltime favourite    Check it out, click here..  16GH103.jpg - 95.36 kb 16GH104.jpg - 88.5 kb
GerryH37.jpg - 94.54 kb Gerry Hannigan has built the Code 512: Iron Ore Road Train MINI Series.
Authentic Toy-Model of Western Australian Iron Ore Road Train. 
GerryH31.jpg - 49.7 kb So easy, building toys and models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. This Road Train is 33 inches (85cm) long. GerryHa24.jpg - 49.76 kb
Gerry Hannigan has buit this Stake Trucks from Aschi's Workshop Plans. GH-j108.jpg - 96.43 kb GH-j102.jpg - 78.97 kb GH-j115.jpg - 97.13 kb

Gerry’s excellent workmanship, quality photos from Deyna and the plans from Aschi’s Workshop.

16gh34.jpg - 123.53 kb 16gh44.jpg - 96.43 kb 16gh58.jpg - 68.42 kb Gerry Hannigan has done it agan: excellent modeld in the big scale 1:20 and the new MINI series Plan 516. Gerry's wife Deyna took the photos. Credit to Deyna !!!..All plans from Aschi's Workshop. 16gh07.jpg - 82.23 kb
Gerry Hannigan from Calgary / Canada is the first Toy Maker to send photos from the new MINI Series.  GerryHMINI1.jpg - 53.59 kb Gerry has done an excellent job and and also encourage Aschi's Workshop to create more plans in the same series. miniseriesbannerad.jpg - 57.5 kb

Aschi's Workshop has already 2 sets of plans on his Web-page.

Check it out:

GH203_1p.jpg - 60.71 kb 203_p.jpg - 422.9 kb Gerry Hannigan has built this super model from Aschi's Workshop plan #203. This is from the Classic Series, scale 1:18 GH203_2p.jpg - 66.89 kb GH203_3p.jpg - 78.91 kb
Gerry Hannigan from Calgary / Canada: For the hay bales I recycled an old broom. My darling wife did the tying job as I would not have the patience for that. For the Hay transport the Plans #136 and #244 made it possible. GH16_1.jpg - 69.48 kb gh16_3.jpg - 129.39 kb gh16_2.jpg - 50.67 kb gh16_12.jpg - 57.87 kb
gh16_9.jpg - 53.7 kb Aschi"s Workshop Plans, Get started today and request the FREE Fire Truck Plan today. Check it out!! Go to Aschi's Web-Page.... gh16_4.jpg - 79.91 kb gh16_5.jpg - 74.2 kb gh16_10.jpg - 54.61 kb
gh16_6.jpg - 81.54 kb gh16_7.jpg - 74.82 kb gh16_8.jpg - 68.33 kb

Managed to get a few more projects completed over the holidays.  Looking forward to new plans in the coming year. Gerry has used Aschi’s Plans #230+232 and 234.  Excellent work from Gerry.

gh16_11.jpg - 49.45 kb
GH241Row-Crop.jpg - 76.66 kb Gerry Hannigan has done it again: Building super models from Aschi's Workshop Plan # 241.  Scale Model Scale 1:27
Row Crop and 4wd Tractor,160hp. 2 Tractors in one Plan.
GH15tractor1.jpg - 137.54 kb GH15tractor2.jpg - 118.53 kb GH15tractor4.jpg - 118.04 kb
Gerry Hannigan from Calgary has made new models in Scale 1:27. The trailers are from Plan #243 and the Road Tractors are # 171 and #136 ASCHI's WORKSHOP PLANS. GH05Peter2.jpg - 69.32 kb GH119Peter2.jpg - 101.21 kb GH243GrainTrailer.jpg - 61 kb GH650Peter2.jpg - 90.49 kb

Gerry Hannigan has made this super models from AschisWorkshop Plans. Excellent photos shows the details and Gerry's Craftmanship.

gh13Peter.jpg - 89.15 kb gh06Peter.jpg - 94.66 kb

The models are in Scale 1:20.

Plans are from Aschi's Workshop

gh25Peter.jpg - 71.77 kb
Gerry Hannigan has buit this Model grom Aschi's Plan #154. gh02Peter.jpg - 39.49 kb An impressive model in scale 1:27 gh10Peter.jpg - 37.91 kb Thanks Gerry... Great Work !!
gh73Peter.jpg - 97.34 kb Gerry Hannigan from Calgary / Canada has built some super models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. gh69Peter.jpg - 98.53 kb The famous Tow Truck (plan 230 from Aschi's Workshop) is a favourite. Gerry did a perfect job in buiding this icon of an bygone era. The big Gravel Rig is a favourite plan from Aschi's Workshop. (plan 209 for the road-tractor and plan 228 for the trailer)
gh08Peter.jpg - 101.93 kb gh02Peter.jpg - 72.91 kb gh272Peter.jpg - 104.32 kb gh44Peter.jpg - 82.98 kb gh05Peter.jpg - 91.31 kb

Gerry Hannigan from Calgary in Canada:     “Here are the latest endeavors used the short wheel base truck from plan 209 added Bulbar (Free Plan from Aschi’s Workshop) and headache rack from logging truck. The streetcar (plan #201) was loads of fun to build as well as the tractor. Have a few more built but not ready for pics as yet. Enjoy these great plans immensely, keep up the good work”.

074X25Peter.jpg - 76.52 kb 09Peter.jpg - 59.16 kb 18Peter.jpg - 66 kb 53Peter.jpg - 79.47 kb

“Here are a few more completed projects as you ca see the toy farm is getting bigger”.


Aschi’s Workshop has a big range of Farm Model Plans.

174X2Peter.jpg - 67.84 kb 274X7Peter.jpg - 49.47 kb 30Peter.jpg - 63.82 kb 22390hp4-WDTractor.jpg - 102.56 kb
Gerry Hannigan  has created a real master piece with this Bulp Wood Truck. Scale 1:20 is a nice size for a Desktop Model or as toy. The plans are from Aschi #209 and #214. gh2june14.jpg - 69.25 kb gh4june14.jpg - 106.45 kb gh3june14.jpg - 76.32 kb gh1june14.jpg - 65.99 kb
Gerry Hannigan has built this beautiful Old English Lorry from Aschi's Workshop Plan #123. gh7june14.jpg - 107.37 kb gh5june14.jpg - 94.69 kb gh6june14.jpg - 98.68 kb 123OldEnglishTruck1.jpg - 50.66 kb
Gerry Hannigan:  For the prime mover on the 24 ft tipper I used the day cab frame from 209 shortened it by 2 inches used a cab from plan 206 installed smaller tanks put the stacks on the back of the cab and added a hydraulic oil tank on the rear of cab between the stacks all just for fun


14gh05.jpg - 85.58 kb 14gh08.jpg - 58.92 kb 14gh10.jpg - 75.48 kb 14gh14.jpg - 61.21 kb

Had lots of fun building these currently working on logging truck and dump trailers. Thanks for producing such great plans. All plans from Aschi's Workshop

14gh22.jpg - 58.12 kb 14gh01.jpg - 55.4 kb 14gh17.jpg - 71.17 kb 14gh2222.jpg - 56.57 kb
Gerry Hannigan from Calgary / Canada, is building toy for a long time. Gerry is using mostly Aschi's Workshop Plans. gh1 gh2 gh3 gh4
Gerrytruck.jpg - 87.62 kb 10Peterff.jpg - 112.21 kb 17Peterff.jpg - 109.23 kb

Above: a fleet of different ships made from Aschi's Plans

Left: Truck and Trailer and 2 TATRA Trucks.
Right: The Freight Train, the most popular train plan from Aschi.
Gerrytrain1.jpg - 48.21 kb
ag122doxxxx.jpg - 86.34 kb

Left: Gerry's Super Dozer. Aschi has created a simple way to make working tracks.

Right: A big Diesel Roller and a forklift. Far Right:  Aschi's crazy Razer, a real fun toy.

ag10.jpg - 65.83 kb ag152.jpg - 81.4 kb ag1222.jpg - 83.62 kb
ag082.jpg - 36.12 kb Trains, Trains, Trains......     ag1522.jpg - 60.5 kb
gh5 gh6 gh7

This 4 trucks ar made from Aschi's Plan #158

gh10 Different trucks and diesel roller, Gerry loves building quality wooden toys from Aschi's plans. gh11 gh12 gh13
gh14 gh15

Left: On the farm, toy's in 1:27 scale.

Right: Aero Racer and Aero Delta, 2 easy to build planes from Aschi's Workshop Plans.

gh16 gh17
gh18 gh19 gh20

Left: 3 English Lorries, built from one plan.

Right: Steel Truck, is a "Island Cabin Truck"

This model is a replica of the Low-Bed Trailer, still running on the DORSET Steam Fair. gh22 gh23 gh24 gh25

The big Cab-Over-Engine Road Tractor towing 2 trailers. A most popular toy and model for all ages.

Aschi's Workshop Plans #149 +

ghx1 ghx2 ghx3
ghx7 Gerry also builds his own creations. here some toys of Gerry's design. ghx4 ghx5 ghx6
"Hi Peter here are a couple of pics of latest completed plans definitely was a fun one to build keep em coming" Gerry Hannigan really like to work with Aschi's Workshop Plans.