My Red Fire Truck


  My Red Fire Truck
Aschi's Workshop has created this Fire Truck. To show the quality of Aschi's Plans, this plan of "My Red Fire Truck" is FREE !!! Go to Aschi's Web-Page and request your copy today.
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Above is the 4 page plan. No special tools needed to make this exiting model of an old Fire Truck. Request the full-size plan now from Aschi's Workshop for FREE!!!  firaa02w.jpg - 89.61 kb fire20150www.jpg - 136.98 kb firepage129www.jpg - 158.01 kb

Above: Aschi's Workshop is using mainly wheels from 

For Australia and New Zealand only.


CD_0033.jpg - 83.56 kb Charlie Davis from Hillsborough, New Jersey has built the Fire Truck from Aschi's Free Plan. CD_0034.jpg - 113.9 kb CD_0035.jpg - 134.23 kb Aschi's Workshop has a number of FREE PLANS. Check it out.


Volunteer Fire Department

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Brian Scammel from Vibank in Canada has built a Frire Truck from Aschi's FREE PLAN.

Brian has donated them together with an other fire truck. 

Brian Scammell: "Here is a pic of your fire truck plan and another I had.We made $386.00 for the department"

The plan for the Fire Truck is the most popular on the net, so it looks. 

Get your FREE  PLAN from Aschi's Workshop today.

awwZander3.jpg - 116.47 kb 11aZanderstruck.jpg - 49.29 kb psf3.jpg - 129.01 kb Pat Shmith from California made 36 Fire Trucks:  Pat Smith from California:  ---------------and this is why I like building toys!!  I think he likes it!   The little boys name is  Alexander Collier.  I just love the look on his face—priceless!   Pat psf12.jpg - 82.21 kb
011ff.jpg - 110.45 kb Below: Pat Smith Made a Hot Rod Fire Truck: Couldn’t let the kids have all the fun---made one “MY” way!   Thomasf1.jpg - 107.78 kb

Left: J.Thomas Studio from Canada has submitted this picture from his Fire Trucks.

Rigth: Bob Tribolet made this super model. See more from Bob Tribolet's Models at click here.

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