Toy Makers from all over the World 2015

Toy Makers from all over the World 2015
Aschi's Workshop is showing here wooden toys and models made from Aschi's Workshop Plans / Pattern. Including the own models. Aschi welcomes everyone to distribute to this page with pictures from wooden toys made from Aschi's Workshop Plans and Pattern. Aschi endavours to make this to the largest page for home made wooden toys on the net. Check out Aschi's Workshop Plans / Pattern. Over 130 patterns and plans to choose from. Free Plans and workshop tips...... click here. P1030444.JPG - 152.26 kb
Murray Mackay from Tatamagouche in Nova Scotia/ Canada has built the Road Tractor and Pulp Wood Trailer from Aschi's Workshop Plans #209 and 214. Great job Murray, thanks for sharing. Murray1.jpg - 70.57 kb Murray4.jpg - 85.6 kb Murray3.jpg - 72.29 kb 214PulpWoodTrailer.jpg - 119.27 kb

Martin Weger from Germany has built this excellent model of the Bulldog from Aschi’s Workshop Plan #193. Scale 1:18.  Aschi’s Classic is a series for super models, still easy to build. No special tools needed. 

Martina0-001.jpg - 44.2 kb Martina0-002.jpg - 43.79 kb Martina0-003.jpg - 44.22 kb MartinClassicB.jpg - 337.28 kb

Hi, I'm Pekka from Finland. I found your plans at internet and ordered couple of them. For a few years I've been interested in making toys from wood. The big trucks are the thing. Here I modified a little the pulp wood trailer with the road tractor. Your plans have been a great help in building those trucks. Pekka has converted Aschi's truck #149 to an rigid truck. Great work !!

Pekka1.jpg - 134.64 kb Pekka2.jpg - 108.19 kb Pekka3.jpg - 109.83 kb Pekka5.jpg - 92.81 kb

Fernando Olivera from Brazil has built the Fire Truck from Aschi's FREE PLAN. Fernando: "...was a lot of fun building.... Yes, The RED FIRE TRUCK is a FREE PLAN from Aschi's Workshop.

fer3.jpg - 60.21 kb a212FireTruckpor1.jpg - 496.13 kb fer2.jpg - 73.98 kb fer1.jpg - 51.01 kb
Pat Smith from California has made a Small Batch, as he call's it, of truck and trailers from Aschi's Workshop Plan #211. Pat has improved thelook of the flatbed by using selected wood. ps15sep3.jpg - 99.68 kb ps15sep4.jpg - 103.13 kb ps15sep2.jpg - 96.27 kb ps15sep1.jpg - 111.71 kb

Ben Daigneault from Alberta, Canada has made a number of trucks and also his own conversion from plan #209. Thanks for sharing Ben.

Benimagec.jpg - 97.63 kb Benimageb.jpg - 103.88 kb Benimagea.jpg - 101.32 kb Benimaged.jpg - 98.15 kb

Mike Podrebarac,   Des Moines, Iowa  USA

Hey Peter,  Attached are photos of trucks and trailers I built from poplar and aspen woods using your plans (Aschi's Workshop) #136, 141 and 143.  I also used ideas from the #198 web-page photos.     Kindest regards, Mike

mpflatbed011.jpg - 46.17 kb Aschi's Workshop Plans used by Mike to create his models are from the Scale Model Seies 1:27. The ideal size for mix and match. mpIMG_0617.jpg - 49.04 kb mpIMG_0619.jpg - 55.11 kb

Frank Silverman from California is building toys and models from Aschi's Workshop plans for a long time. Frank make his own modifications and alteration. A credit to Frank for excellent workmanship. Here are a collection of models made from Aschi's Workshop Plans #230, 233 and 233.

Learn more: Frank Silverman

fs15a3c.jpg - 129.7 kb fs15a4c.jpg - 120.91 kb fs15a2c.jpg - 166.93 kb fs15a5c.jpg - 126.85 kb

Pat Smith from California: 'Peter,  Here are some of the latest batch.  I made 12 of them , and only photographed these 3.  Felt like taking a picture of all of them together was just showing off. Hoping to make them a tilt cab ,but the one I did wouldn’t stand up to my “toy tester.   Decided to cut my losses and make solid cabs.  Now back to the bench for the trailers!  Enjoy---Pat' Made from Aschi's Workshop Plan #149

PPco1.jpg - 95.62 kb PPco2.jpg - 103.61 kb PP149_18-Wheeler-1.jpg - 60.81 kb PPco3.jpg - 105.77 kb
Aschi's Workshop has created a new Extender Plan for the #230 Tow Truck. Plan #233 is all about logging in the 30s. Build a Log Truck, Convert to a Tractor-Trailer for long logs or use the Dolly to make a Dog-trailer.  All in one plan only from Aschi's Workshop. 233_0004a.jpg - 95.87 kb 233_0007a.jpg - 126.93 kb 233_0012a.jpg - 99.17 kb 233_0015a.jpg - 95.35 kb
233we_0009aaaa.jpg - 87.29 kb 233_port003.jpg - 83.19 kb All from a single plan: The conversion, the dolly, the log truck and the jinker. But you need the plan for the Tow Truck #230 to build the actual Truck.  Aschi's Workshop. 233_port006.jpg - 129.63 kb 233_port019.jpg - 85.14 kb
Ted McElhaney:  Aschi, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your truck plans. (see attached).

 I am a 67 year old retired grandfather from Huntington, Indiana (USA) and enjoy making wood projects for kids- especially grandchildren!   I used walnut and oak to make the wrecker and pine to make the others. Keep up the good work!    Sincerely, Ted

Ted10.jpg - 91.19 kb Ted17.jpg - 93.88 kb Ted55.jpg - 74.84 kb 230port.jpg - 49.7 kb

Kevin Kevin from the UK  has used Aschi’s Workshop Plan #211 and has modified to a fuel tanker.

Kevin is building tuff and sturdy toys for kids. 
211Austral.jpg - 438.93 kb kevkev590.jpg - 152.74 kb kevkev592.jpg - 208.37 kb kevkev597.jpg - 136.71 kb

Carl Kline from California:

‘Just completed another Cherry Land Rover toy from Aschi’s Workshop Plan #188. Fun to make.’

Carl_3.jpg - 67.42 kb Carl_4.jpg - 61.56 kb Carl_2.jpg - 86.38 kb Carl_1.jpg - 102.45 kb

Kevin Kevin from the UKHi Peter; I have just finished converting an old wind-blown oak tree into one of your trucks! I started by cutting the tree into 2ft lengths and slicing in half with my chainsaw. I am very happy with the results and everyone that comes round is very impressed! Many thanks for all your efforts producing a plan that is so easy to follow and produces such great results! 

Kevin_710.jpg - 200.23 kb kevin_1583.jpg - 214.02 kb

Kevin has used Aschi's Workshop Plans:  #209 with FREE Bullbar, 228, 211, 214, 204.


Kevin_1811.jpg - 138.59 kb

Kenneth Bodkin from the UK: ‘Peter I have built some models from your plans (Aschi’s Workshop), I am now building the Steam Loco and Shunter. Really enjoying your plans, have recommended’

Kenneth_b3.jpg - 83.6 kb Kenneth_b1.jpg - 95.57 kb Kenneth_b4.jpg - 86.77 kb Kenneth_b2.jpg - 79.85 kb

Gavin Biddlecombe from Gibraltar: I've made a few more models than those shown which have been donated to the charity organization my partner works for. She has sold them to raise money for Cancer Relief, in Gibraltar, on their fund raising days. I like the plans from Aschi's Workshop.

Gavin_001A.jpg - 43.66 kb Gavin_001B.jpg - 44.19 kb Gavin_Heli001A.jpg - 51.98 kb Gavin_Boat001A.jpg - 40.27 kb

Jan L.F. Bos from the Netherlands has built the LandRover from Aschi's Plan. Jan has enlarged the plan to make the model in 1:12 scale.

Brian Scammell from Canada is building lots of models and toys from Aschi's Plans.

Landrover_1.jpg - 89.39 kb Jan_bosGRAY.jpg - 69.76 kb Bs013.jpg - 43.15 kb Bs016.jpg - 56.51 kb
Richard Brown has sent a letter to Aschi's Workshop: I don't remember how I found your plans, but since finding them I've had several students build them as projects.  For the most part, the plans provided clear visualization of what needed to be done.  Students are required to make a model as part of their class and most choose to one of your plans.  Attached are several examples of students work (and one of my own).  Here is a slight description for each. rb0166.jpg - 79.82 kb rb0167.jpg - 65.39 kb rb0168.jpg - 74.59 kb rb0169.jpg - 71.01 kb

The two semi trucks were built by students and taken to a district competition.  The quality of work was good enough that both students qualified for the state competition.

The flatbed truck was the first model ever completed in class.  The tractor is enlarged 1.5 times.  The wheels were created using a method for a different model but with the enlarged size we thought it worked.  The top is speckled due to the top being left in the stain room as the plane was painted.  

rb0171.jpg - 74.89 kb rb0172.jpg - 82.53 kb rb0173.jpg - 82.44 kb rb0174.jpg - 65.3 kb

I've had several plans built, but this is the only model.  Built by a first year student. The train is my work.  I liked the two tone look so I carried it through all three pieces.  The engine is modified in that I left the window open.  Only three cars due to space restrictions and the need to complete other projects. The green Chevy and the cab over were constructed by a students who needed something to do.  All models are build from Aschi's Workshop Plans.

rb1126.jpg - 101.9 kb rb1633.jpg - 89.25 kb rb1934.jpg - 86.68 kb rb909.jpg - 83.08 kb

Andrew Drysdale from Sydney has submitted story and photos.  William Robertson from Sydney with his Red Fire engine that he helped his grandfather make from scrap Australian Cedar. The wheels are from , everything else is “homemade”  The red paint is left over from repairs to my old 1970’s British Leyland Mini car. The plan is a FREE PLAN from Aschi’s Workshop.  Best, Andrew

w911.jpg - 92.06 kb w2921.jpg - 192.97 kb w929.jpg - 139.56 kb w921.jpg - 193.08 kb

Trevor Rhodes from United Kingdom has submitted pictures of his wooden models built from Aschi’s Workshop plans. Trevor is using selected wood….. and his skills to create excellent models. SEE MORE from TREVOR:

trlandi1.jpg - 91.82 kb trScammellfb.jpg - 93.79 kb trscamm2.jpg - 73.85 kb trfire1.jpg - 116.78 kb
Aschi's Workshop has started the year 2015 with 2 super plans. Plan #230 the Tow Truck and Plan #232, 3 different truck bodies to the same cabin. The models are in scale 1:20 (Tuff Truck Series). Click here for the full story.   mack800a.jpg - 99.62 kb pp30931.jpg - 112.71 kb stnew925x.jpg - 107.5 kb stnew941x.jpg - 119.45 kb
Aschi's Workshop has begun making plans for G-Gauge models including rolling stock. Real plans an patterns from the quality like all Aschi's Workshop plans.  Check out Aschi's Web-Page regualy for new plans. 222G-GaugeCar-1.jpg - 60.01 kb g-car0004.jpg - 112.1 kb G_0033.jpg - 77.9 kb 153pp.jpg - 83.5 kb