Model Builder Chris McConnell

Model Builder Chris McConnell
Chris  McConnell : Live in Melbourne, and was an engineering pattern maker / auto model maker for about 30 years. Currently in fifth year of teaching design tech (wood work) at secondary college. chris2.jpg - 139.97 kb The high rise sleeper cab truck took quite a while to make, as it was my first build and required reading over the instructions a referring to them constantly.
The slim line truck was put together in a couple of weekends, and I enjoyed it a lot more as I knew what I was doing.

chris3.jpg - 54.32 kb I have been taking more interest in trucks on the highways, and modelled the air intake from my observations.
Most of the cross cut sawing of was done with a Japanese saw, which proved fast and accurate finishing with a block and fine sandpaper.
I have included a few photos including one of the cab assemblies.

chris1.jpg - 104.34 kb

Chris Made the trucks from Aschi's Workshop Plan #209. Chris McConnell shows in the picture serie below how easy it is to work step by step to Aschi's Workshop Plans.

 Plan #209 is for building 3 different Road Tractors in Scale 1/20. A big range of Semi-trailers can be hooked up to this models.

Aschi's Workshop has it !

chris4.jpg - 59.64 kb chris5.jpg - 91.11 kb chris6.jpg - 88.85 kb chris7.jpg - 91.21 kb chris8.jpg - 104.19 kb
ff_0018.jpg - 107.22 kb nbvxx.jpg - 88.39 kb bullbar440w.jpg - 80.84 kb Just some pictures from Aschi's Workshop Models built from Plan #209. For the Australians is it a 'must' to have a Bullbar. Aschi has a FREE PLAN for. wwbullbarww.jpg - 54.57 kb