Toy Maker from all over the World 2017

2017 Model Maker
Pat Smith from California is building trains from Aschi's Workshop Plans. The trains from the JUNIOR series are all in the same scale and style. Pat_100_2699c.jpg - 185.88 kb Pat_100_2697c.jpg - 113.32 kb Pat_100_2695c.jpg - 142.4 kb 261CamelBackLoco.jpg - 57.32 kb
Pat_100_2701c.jpg - 171.24 kb Pat_100_2689c.jpg - 112.2 kb Pat_100_2690c.jpg - 116.46 kb Pat_100_2691c.jpg - 129.61 kb Pat_100_2693c.jpg - 124.3 kb
DavidF4606.jpg - 119.65 kb David Francis from Western Australia has built the Road Train from Aschi's Workshop Plans. The plan for the bullBar is a FREE PLAN. DavidF4607.jpg - 99.48 kb DavidF4613.jpg - 105.74 kb DavidF4604.jpg - 131.84 kb
Mark Dyble from Stroke On Trent, UK is building models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. !! :I couldn't do this without your easy to use and follow plans.. they're spectacular and I look forward to seeing many more for purchase so I can do those too! 17_Mark_D_4.jpg - 131.09 kb 17_Mark_D_8.jpg - 119.27 kb 17_Mark_D_1.jpg - 98.41 kb 17_Mark_D_3.jpg - 71.96 kb
17_Mark_D_9.jpg - 111.62 kb 17_Mark_D_2.jpg - 88.98 kb Mark Dyble: are some photos of the work I've done using your plans. They're proving really popular.. so much so I'm currently making 4 of the big Peterbilt trucks with trailers..  two going off to America and the other 2 here in the UK. I love the plans and together with some of my own imagination they look superb. I particularly love the new truck plans..  17_Mark_D_5.jpg - 240.32 kb 17_Mark_D_7.jpg - 112.18 kb
AchMG_0652.jpg - 90.88 kb AchMG_0653.jpg - 77.8 kb AchMG_0654.jpg - 83.7 kb AchMG_0657.jpg - 93.24 kb AchMG_0660.jpg - 130.56 kb
Kraig Riley from Australia has built the B-Double Stock Trailer from Aschi's Workshop plan. KraigR_42.jpg - 80.75 kb KraigR_47.jpg - 88.12 kb

Kraig is now working on the prime-mover as it called in Australia.

Right: cover of Plan #229 from Aschi's Workshop

KraigR_229B-DoubleLive27-1.jpg - 67.98 kb
KevinR_16.jpg - 181.15 kb

Hi Peter,
I have enclosed a photo of the two tippers I have just completed. As they were the first models I have made, I'm happy with the result. I hope my grandsons will enjoy them. I have started two pulp trailers to go with the other two prime movers (I built four at once).Thanks again………Regards,  Kevin Ransom.

CA_1vcvc.jpg - 98.57 kb Col Ashy from Western Australia has used Aschi's Workshop Plan as base and scaled up to 1:12. CA_.jpg - 111.6 kb
David Francis from Falcon  / Western Australia has built a number of Land Rovers in divverent versions from    Plan #188 from Aschi's Workshop.       Paul Jobbins Video. DF_4601.jpg - 173.73 kb DF_4602.jpg - 181.6 kb DF_4608.jpg - 89.81 kb DF_4610.jpg - 87.29 kb
DF_4611.jpg - 120.89 kb DF_4618.jpg - 109.53 kb DF_4620.jpg - 100.2 kb DF_4622.jpg - 92.09 kb DF_4625.jpg - 99.48 kb
ALLES_C2918.jpg - 124.9 kb Chris Alles from Ontario is building models in Scale 1:20 from Aschi's Workshop Plans. ALLES_C182810.jpg - 103.36 kb ALLES_C2934.jpg - 82.37 kb

Check out the many Plans from Aschi's Workshop.

 Easy to buid, no special tools needed.Request your FREE PLAN today.

Barry Sims from Murray Bridge, South Australia: I have enjoyed making many of Aschi’s models (all over a dozen and have sold 8 different ones to friends) and find the plans easy to follow. I have made a few additions to some Models.

BARRY_S_2740.jpg - 95.88 kb BARRY_S_2739.jpg - 123.46 kb BARRY_S_0099.jpg - 46.34 kb BARRY_S_0101.jpg - 48.61 kb
BARRY_S_0098.jpg - 49.59 kb BARRY_S_0z100.jpg - 51.44 kb 306pagexx1_0007ww.jpg - 119.29 kb

Barry has built the big truck, based on a Oshkosh and also used the extender/ conversin plans to make all this super models.

Check out the plans from Aschi's Workshop.

BARRY_S_0103.jpg - 41.92 kb
CORYH975.jpg - 85.59 kb Cory Hauser has built this crane on the base of Aschi's Workshop plan #209. Cory has done an excelet job making the working crane. The Bull-Bar looks good on the truck and makes it a real Australian Model. Bull-Bar is a FREE PLAN from Aschi's Workshop. CORYH976.jpg - 76.89 kb CORYH985.jpg - 83.27 kb
John Rhodes from New Zealand has built this model from Aschi's Workshop Plans.  Excelent woodwork John! John0175z.jpg - 155.52 kb

Check out the Toy and Model Plans from Aschi's Workshop.

Baqsed on the real thing, to scale and easy to build. Get your FREE PLANS today.

CORYH981.jpg - 75.38 kb CORY979.jpg - 74.38 kb
ChrisAlles440.jpg - 95.82 kb ChrisAlles546.jpg - 112.85 kb

Chris Alles from Ontario is buiding models from Aschi's Workshop Plans.

Request your FREE PLANS today from Aschi's Workshop.

ChrisAlles608.jpg - 109.57 kb CrisAlles455.jpg - 116.2 kb
TruckCA6.jpg - 79.71 kb Chris Alles from Ontario is building models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. The AMERICAN Custom Rig is the favourite. TruckCA7.jpg - 63.21 kb TruckCA9.jpg - 58.43 kb truckCA3.jpg - 59.87 kb
David Francis from Falcon, Western Australia has built model trucks of his own designe for a long time. David is now buiding from Aschi's Workshop Plans. DF_0001x.jpg - 73.03 kb DF4567.jpg - 96.26 kb DF577x.jpg - 88.37 kb DFP3461.jpg - 193.45 kb
pat_55.jpg - 180.06 kb pat_653.jpg - 141.27 kb Pat Smith from California has completed more trains from Aschi's Workshop Plans. Here the California Zephyr, Plan #220 aps220.jpg - 58.77 kb pat_656.jpg - 245.19 kb

Hi Peter,

Here is a truck I've built. I made it with Douglas pine except the fuel tanks and radiators which are Beechwood. I enjoyed very much building it from Aschi's Plans. Best wishes from France Amaury du Soulier / France

AmSo1.jpg - 151.96 kb AmSo2.jpg - 138.96 kb AmSo3.jpg - 102.27 kb aschis-easyasccac.jpg - 58.51 kb
Franklyn Silverman is building from Aschi's Workshop Plans. See more from Frank's work: Click here. aFS001.jpg - 115.76 kb aFS004.jpg - 123.03 kb aFS005.jpg - 136.49 kb aFS006.jpg - 142.86 kb
aFS055.jpg - 111.77 kb aFS056.jpg - 95.72 kb aFS057.jpg - 104.65 kb aFS060.jpg - 101.84 kb aFS064.jpg - 90.29 kb

Steve Pinder, Queensland / Australia "I have not been making wooden toys for so long, about 2 years I guess. I was involved in making Fibreglass, Resin and Styrene scale warships many years ago mainly Royal Navy ships for Remote Control. Ships generally about 2M long. 

stevep091.jpg - 88.98 kb stevep719.jpg - 105.39 kb stevep601.jpg - 115.12 kb stevep301.jpg - 155.42 kb
stevep156.jpg - 141.72 kb

 Since I have retired I have taken up making sawdust which I enjoy immensely and in particular, the making of toys for the pleasure of myself and for the underprivileged children on Mount Tamborine and country kids.


stevep059.jpg - 154.16 kb

Aschi's Workshop Plans are ideal for this as the finished products are realistic yet robust enough to be played with vigorously! I look forward to getting many more plans from your growing web-page.

stevep456.jpg - 158.11 kb
stevep227.jpg - 173.47 kb stevep239.jpg - 151.51 kb stevep933.jpg - 161.75 kb stevep207.jpg - 162.63 kb stevep953.jpg - 171.09 kb
Gerry Hannigan from Calgary / Canada has built the Oshkosh Truck in different versions from Aschi's Workshop Plans. 17-05.jpg - 75.79 kb 17-10.jpg - 91.22 kb 17-22.jpg - 86.89 kb Gerry has his own page on petersportal. See the many models built by Gerry and photograped by his wife Deyna.
aps156.jpg - 56.05 kbaps199.jpg - 385.82 kbaps220.jpg - 58.77 kb Pat Smith from California is building traind from Aschi's Workshop Plans.  Pats favorite is the Christmas Train #199. aps2.jpg - 239.57 kb aps1.jpg - 145.92 kb aps4.jpg - 65.44 kb
Cal Hanton from Queensland / Australia has built 3 Fire Trucks from Aschi's Workshop FREE PLAN. Cal has done an excellent job. calh5595.jpg - 85.08 kb calh5599.jpg - 92.04 kb calh5597.jpg - 133.7 kb calh212FireTruck.jpg - 496.13 kb
TPw9.jpg - 135.39 kb TPw8.jpg - 118.69 kb

Peter Ratcliffe:  I still make a lot of the A,B and M type cars and have added a WO type (Bentley) to the range. I have just completed my first Transporter very much designed on the principles of your designs. I did however have the sides laser cut.

Car Plans  #113 from Aschi's Workshop

TPw113.jpg - 61.78 kb TPw.jpg - 129.56 kb
Calvin Hanton from Queensland / Australia has built the LandRover (Plan #188) and the Dozer (free plan) with the Vibro Roller (Plan #116)  from Aschi's Workshop Plans. CH5q.jpg - 94.33 kb CH6q.jpg - 82.51 kb CH4q.jpg - 94.13 kb CH3q.jpg - 108.02 kb
CH2q.jpg - 78.56 kb CH9q.jpg - 104.1 kb

Calvin has mounted a small chain to the shield from preventing it from falling down.


CH7q.jpg - 139.88 kb CH8q.jpg - 92.99 kb
Pat1.jpg - 80.39 kb

Pat Smith from California: Peter, Here is the freight train (plan #156) all completed. I have orders for 4 more...

Aschi's Workshop has the plans.

Pat4.jpg - 67.27 kb Pat2.jpg - 98.56 kb Pat5.jpg - 59.2 kb

Xavier Pousset from France has built all this super models from Aschi's Workshop Plans.   Here are the models from Plan #205/206 + 254

x7x.jpg - 106.84 kb x8x.jpg - 109.55 kb x6x.jpg - 80.68 kb x10x.jpg - 85.64 kb
x17x.jpg - 95.13 kb This row of pictures shows the big selection of models from Master Buider Xavier Pousset. x1x.jpg - 78.6 kb x2x.jpg - 85.39 kb x3x.jpg - 93.39 kb
x14x.jpg - 95.02 kb x16x.jpg - 175.67 kb The Plan #230 is perhaps the most popular plan in Aschi's big selection of plans. The Crane-Truck is the base modeland there is a number of extender plans available. ...only from Aschi's Workshop... x5x.jpg - 133 kb x4x.jpg - 117.6 kb
x11x.jpg - 86.36 kb x12x.jpg - 84.22 kb x13x.jpg - 92.09 kb x15.jpg - 77.85 kb This is a model of an Australian Road Train. The model is in Scale 1:27. The side tipper works with one lever to open the side wall and tip the body....only from Aschi's Workshop...
x19x.jpg - 94.71 kb x20x.jpg - 121.51 kb x21x.jpg - 97.47 kb x18x.jpg - 93.11 kb The old Scammell 1932 is plan #125, the Island Cabin Truck is plan #161 and the Ftre Truck is a FREE PLAN from Aschi's Workshop for you to test Aschi's Workshop Plans.
JimJ3.jpg - 93.61 kb Jim Jarvis from New York is building toys and models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. JimJ1.jpg - 96.68 kb Aschi's Workshop has a big selection on easy to make Wooden Toy and model plans.  CLICK HERE and check it out. JimJ2.jpg - 77.17 kb

Kevin Tudor , UK,  has built the Fire Truck – Free Plan from Aschi’s Workshop. Kevin has used selected lumber/ wood to build this stunning model.

kevT_184031.jpg - 115.24 kb

Check out all FREE PLANS from Aschi's Workshop.

kevT_184048.jpg - 123.7 kb

What Knots Wood 

The Plan for the Fire Truck is a FREE PLAN from Aschi's Workshop.

Request today... you get the plan as PDF in your e-mail.

kevT_151431.jpg - 96.68 kb kevT_151404.jpg - 116.37 kb kevT_0319_o.jpg - 113.36 kb

Love the plans - the are clear and precise. I will be ordering some more from you during this week!  :-)    Keep up the good work fella :-)     Best wishes,     Kev

AD35.jpg - 132.64 kb Andrew Draysdale from NSW / Australia Has built this Fire Truck from the FREE PLAN from Aschi's Workshop.

If you have built a model or toy from Aschi's Workshop plans and like to show it, here is the place. E-mail Peter Aschi and send your photos: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Peter Archer from British Columbia / Canada has built this impressive model from Aschi's Workshop Plan #206. ADpeterArcher1.jpg - 128.74 kb

Keith Matthews from Mooresville, North Carolina. USA .

Keith is building models from Aschi's Workshop plans with modifications.

KM2.jpg - 69.93 kb KM3.jpg - 57.25 kb KM5.jpg - 52.25 kb

This is the truck I call whiskey runner. Made from Aschi's Workshop plan #211... with modifications... 

KM1.jpg - 87.02 kb Aschi's Workshop plans #209 with BONUS PPLAN for Bullbar and plan #214 made this this model possible to build. KM4.jpg - 57.66 kb Keith used Aschi's plan #209 as base and made this SUPER TRUCK. KM6.jpg - 62.3 kb

Cory Hauser from USA is building toys and models for his own collection and for the Toy Market. Cory is using mostly plans from Aschi's Workshop

CH4.jpg - 90.34 kb CH5.jpg - 83.64 kb CH6.jpg - 83.37 kb CH7.jpg - 88.47 kb
CH1.jpg - 100.29 kb

Cory Hauser is building toys and models like the DOZER and the FIRE TRUCK from Aschi's Workshop FREE PLANS. He sales toys at his CH's Little Woodshop store.

CH2.jpg - 74.87 kb

Hi Peter, I just wanted to send you some pictures of the plough truck I finished, using your plans. I think I got it pretty close to the real one at the shop. Your plans are Awesome I'll be building a lot of your plans from now on. Thanks  Cory Hauser

CH3.jpg - 81.68 kb