Toy Maker from all over the World 2018

Toy Makers from all over the World 2018
Cory Hauser from USA is building models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. Cory is making some alts to his own liking. 1CH_1287.jpg - 103.42 kb 1CH_1289.jpg - 104.55 kb

Cory Hauser: Your plans were perfect. This build was a lot of fun to make.

Plans from Aschi's Workshop

Check it out today.

1CH_1291.jpg - 86.02 kb

Here the new video from Cory Hauser

2CHextra.jpg - 86.73 kb

Thanks again Peter  Your plans were perfect. This build was a lot of fun to make. I'll be  ordering your lowboy trailer plans tomorrow to go with it. I also made you another video of this build I just have to send it in another email.     Thanks  Cory.    

1CH_1293.jpg - 104.86 kb 1CH_1292.jpg - 88.03 kb
B-B_5702.jpg - 188.57 kb Bill Brophy from New York has built the models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. Fine woodwork and atencion to details is standard for Bill. B_B_5704.jpg - 257.68 kb B_B_5703.jpg - 139.93 kb B_B_601.jpg - 122.02 kb
Steve and Karen Ceissman from Queensland, Australia building models from Aschi's Workshop Plans.               Will build the complete rig with 3 trailers as TUFF TRUCK MODEL in scale 1:20. This will be BIG !!!The complete rig as model will be 2.5 meter long. a2xx.jpg - 141.46 kb a1xx.jpg - 123.17 kb a3xx.jpg - 133.19 kb a4xx.jpg - 108.86 kb
a5xx.jpg - 180.98 kb a6xx.jpg - 161.5 kb a8xx.jpg - 279.41 kb a7xx.jpg - 143.15 kb

Steve has built many models from Aschi's Workshop Plans and has put his own touch to it.

Great job Steve !

Peter Gilmore from Christchurch NZ:  The Show is Oxford A & P Show (Agricultural and Pastoral) Woodcraft Open Section.     I have entered work for four years but this is the first time using plans from ASCHI’s WORKSHOP and I made the First Price.

PeterNZ704.jpg - 153.07 kb


I have made a model of a 1918 Walker electric truck which I photographed, measured and scaled and made a tower for electric line work on the back from an old photograph.  The main part of my hobby is making toys which i donate to Ronald McDonald House.

PeterNZ706.jpg - 191.06 kb PeterNZ707.jpg - 253.3 kb
John Pleasants from North Carolina is buildind models from Aschi's Workshop for a long time. JPLEA575.jpg - 122.6 kb

John and Panthea Pleasants:  I loved making you plans ithe past and really like your new plans. Thanks for All of your hard work. Attached Are some pics. Keep up the good work!


JPLEA934.jpg - 125.08 kb JPLEA228.jpg - 100.7 kb
CH_141.jpg - 106.2 kb CH's Little Woodshop is buiding fantastic models from Aschi's Workshop Plans CH_140.jpg - 104.58 kb

CH's Little Woodshop, Cory Hauser has made a video from models he has built from Aschi's Workshop Plans.  Thank you Cory, you did a great job.

CH_143.jpg - 100.4 kb
Frank Silverman was the first one to build the Fun-O-Copter. Frank has done a great job like he does with all models he builts from Aschi's Workshop Plans. Frank_O_1.jpg - 107.01 kb Frank_O_2.jpg - 140.32 kb Frank_O_3.jpg - 111.98 kb Frank_O_4.jpg - 143.11 kb
Frank_O_5.jpg - 137.53 kb Frank_O_7.jpg - 171.51 kb It was ment to be a deco for Aschi's Workshop Christmas Card. So many people have ask for the plan. Aschi's Workshop made the plan as FREE PLAN in Newsletter #29. Christmas2017crew.jpg - 160.85 kb Fun-o06xxxpix.jpg - 166.43 kb
KF_100.jpg - 191.27 kb Kevin Farley from New Zealand: I came across Aschis Workshop site and was blown away with the array of plans and the quality and affordability.Christmas was looming and I decided to build the MINI Series truck .... 5 of them. KF_101.jpg - 142.81 kb

It turns out I did run out of time and so I made one or two small changes and made open trailers using dowels to contain the loads. The trucks were a big hit and the store bought gifts were basically put aside. My 3 year old granddaughter came to me later and asked if I could make her a truck as the boys wouldn’t share. Hers is the blue one.

KF_102.jpg - 106.83 kb
Carolyn McClasson from Tasmania: All models made by my partner Bernard Emmerson. The plans are from Aschi's Workshop. C_1a.jpg - 111.37 kb C_2c.jpg - 115.66 kb C_3a.jpg - 92 kb C_4a.jpg - 126.44 kb
C_5a.jpg - 111.52 kb C_6a.jpg - 96.03 kb C_7a.jpg - 97.24 kb Check out the toy and model plans from Aschi's Workshop and order your FREE PLANS today. aschis-easyasccac.jpg - 58.51 kb
Adam Jacobs from Pennsylvania : Hi peter I started about 5 years ago I started making some wooden toys for my kids and a couple of my friends kids this last year I made 6 trucks this year 6 trailers. Great plans! Merry Christmas!  Thanks Adam AJimage1.jpg - 111.57 kb AJimage4.jpg - 108.77 kb AJimage5.jpg - 109.63 kb

Adam Jacobs is buildind the models from Aschi's Workshop Plans.

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