Toy Maker from all over the World 2018

Toy Makers from all over the World 2018
Carolyn McClasson from Tasmania: All models made by my partner Bernard Emmerson. The plans are from Aschi's Workshop. C_1a.jpg - 111.37 kb C_2c.jpg - 115.66 kb C_3a.jpg - 92 kb C_4a.jpg - 126.44 kb
C_5a.jpg - 111.52 kb C_6a.jpg - 96.03 kb C_7a.jpg - 97.24 kb Check out the toy and model plans from Aschi's Workshop and order your FREE PLANS today. aschis-easyasccac.jpg - 58.51 kb
Adam Jacobs from Pennsylvania : Hi peter I started about 5 years ago I started making some wooden toys for my kids and a couple of my friends kids this last year I made 6 trucks this year 6 trailers. Great plans! Merry Christmas!  Thanks Adam AJimage1.jpg - 111.57 kb AJimage4.jpg - 108.77 kb AJimage5.jpg - 109.63 kb

Adam Jacobs is buildind the models from Aschi's Workshop Plans.

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