Toy Maker from all over the World 2018

Toy Makers from all over the World 2018
NICK_1cc.jpg - 161.08 kb Nick + Tina Price-Wilson from Queensland, Australia  Building models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. NICK_2cc.jpg - 142.09 kb NICK_3cc.jpg - 112.14 kb NICK_5cc.jpg - 81.84 kb

Cory Hauser......  48 Wheels...

Check the video.     Plans from Aschi's Workshop

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DFR_104.jpg - 92.7 kb DFR_111.jpg - 85.14 kb DFR_110.jpg - 108.3 kb

Hi Peter, I would like to share a couple of pictures of my first model that i have made, using Pine, Beech & Birch, from one of Aschi's Workshop plans that. I have enjoyed making them and I will be making many more in the future.     All the best to everyone.     Dave, (Frogbucket), French

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Pierre Forget: Hi, please fin enclose the result of the plan #256, I enjoy every minute of it. Thank you for the great plan.

Aschi's Workshop

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Cory Hauser from USA is building models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. Cory is making some alts to his own liking. 1CH_1287.jpg - 103.42 kb 1CH_1289.jpg - 104.55 kb

Cory Hauser: Your plans were perfect. This build was a lot of fun to make.

Plans from Aschi's Workshop

Check it out today.

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Here the new video from Cory Hauser

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Thanks again Peter  Your plans were perfect. This build was a lot of fun to make. I'll be  ordering your lowboy trailer plans tomorrow to go with it. I also made you another video of this build I just have to send it in another email.     Thanks  Cory.    

1CH_1293.jpg - 104.86 kb 1CH_1292.jpg - 88.03 kb
B-B_5702.jpg - 188.57 kb Bill Brophy from New York has built the models from Aschi's Workshop Plans. Fine woodwork and atencion to details is standard for Bill. B_B_5704.jpg - 257.68 kb B_B_5703.jpg - 139.93 kb B_B_601.jpg - 122.02 kb
Steve and Karen Ceissman from Queensland, Australia building models from Aschi's Workshop Plans.               Will build the complete rig with 3 trailers as TUFF TRUCK MODEL in scale 1:20. This will be BIG !!!The complete rig as model will be 2.5 meter long. a2xx.jpg - 141.46 kb a1xx.jpg - 123.17 kb a3xx.jpg - 133.19 kb a4xx.jpg - 108.86 kb
a5xx.jpg - 180.98 kb a6xx.jpg - 161.5 kb a8xx.jpg - 279.41 kb a7xx.jpg - 143.15 kb

Steve has built many models from Aschi's Workshop Plans and has put his own touch to it.

Great job Steve !

Peter Gilmore from Christchurch NZ:  The Show is Oxford A & P Show (Agricultural and Pastoral) Woodcraft Open Section.     I have entered work for four years but this is the first time using plans from ASCHI’s WORKSHOP and I made the First Price.

PeterNZ704.jpg - 153.07 kb


I have made a model of a 1918 Walker electric truck which I photographed, measured and scaled and made a tower for electric line work on the back from an old photograph.  The main part of my hobby is making toys which i donate to Ronald McDonald House.

PeterNZ706.jpg - 191.06 kb PeterNZ707.jpg - 253.3 kb
John Pleasants from North Carolina is buildind models from Aschi's Workshop for a long time. JPLEA575.jpg - 122.6 kb

John and Panthea Pleasants:  I loved making you plans ithe past and really like your new plans. Thanks for All of your hard work. Attached Are some pics. Keep up the good work!


JPLEA934.jpg - 125.08 kb JPLEA228.jpg - 100.7 kb
CH_141.jpg - 106.2 kb CH's Little Woodshop is buiding fantastic models from Aschi's Workshop Plans CH_140.jpg - 104.58 kb

CH's Little Woodshop, Cory Hauser has made a video from models he has built from Aschi's Workshop Plans.  Thank you Cory, you did a great job.

CH_143.jpg - 100.4 kb
Frank Silverman was the first one to build the Fun-O-Copter. Frank has done a great job like he does with all models he builts from Aschi's Workshop Plans. Frank_O_1.jpg - 107.01 kb Frank_O_2.jpg - 140.32 kb Frank_O_3.jpg - 111.98 kb Frank_O_4.jpg - 143.11 kb
Frank_O_5.jpg - 137.53 kb Frank_O_7.jpg - 171.51 kb It was ment to be a deco for Aschi's Workshop Christmas Card. So many people have ask for the plan. Aschi's Workshop made the plan as FREE PLAN in Newsletter #29. Christmas2017crew.jpg - 160.85 kb Fun-o06xxxpix.jpg - 166.43 kb
KF_100.jpg - 191.27 kb Kevin Farley from New Zealand: I came across Aschis Workshop site and was blown away with the array of plans and the quality and affordability.Christmas was looming and I decided to build the MINI Series truck .... 5 of them. KF_101.jpg - 142.81 kb

It turns out I did run out of time and so I made one or two small changes and made open trailers using dowels to contain the loads. The trucks were a big hit and the store bought gifts were basically put aside. My 3 year old granddaughter came to me later and asked if I could make her a truck as the boys wouldn’t share. Hers is the blue one.

KF_102.jpg - 106.83 kb
Carolyn McClasson from Tasmania: All models made by my partner Bernard Emmerson. The plans are from Aschi's Workshop. C_1a.jpg - 111.37 kb C_2c.jpg - 115.66 kb C_3a.jpg - 92 kb C_4a.jpg - 126.44 kb
C_5a.jpg - 111.52 kb C_6a.jpg - 96.03 kb C_7a.jpg - 97.24 kb Check out the toy and model plans from Aschi's Workshop and order your FREE PLANS today. aschis-easyasccac.jpg - 58.51 kb
Adam Jacobs from Pennsylvania : Hi peter I started about 5 years ago I started making some wooden toys for my kids and a couple of my friends kids this last year I made 6 trucks this year 6 trailers. Great plans! Merry Christmas!  Thanks Adam AJimage1.jpg - 111.57 kb AJimage4.jpg - 108.77 kb AJimage5.jpg - 109.63 kb

Adam Jacobs is buildind the models from Aschi's Workshop Plans.

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